Who we are

Experts in the transformation of polyurethane and foam polyethylene

Poliplast holds a prominent position among the firms specialist in manufacturing the foam flexible polyurethane and the foam polyethylene with close cell.

The skills developed in over 30 years of experience in the sector, allow Poliplast to meet the needs of its customers with professionalism and efficiency. Moreover, thanks to the combination of craftsmanship experience technological innovation, Poliplast is able to satisfy requests coming from different application areas with quality and timeliness.


For over 30 years in this sector

Poliplast was born in 1983 as a little handicraft firm, but now it is a well- established reality with more than 20 employees and a main office of over 5000 square meters indoor.



From little lots to big stocks, Poliplast can meet a wide range of requirements in different sectors with precision and quickness.


Attention to detail

Poliplast merges high technology equipments and skilled labor to assure the greatest quality in every single product.

What do we do

From unprocessed block to product

Thanks to the wide range of materials and the different kind of manufacturing, Poliplast realizes products for every requirements and many sectors.

Born as a company specialized in the transformation of flexible plastic foams, today Poliplast through continuous research and attention to the environment, processes also totally natural materials, made from plant fibers, so 100% recyclable and eco-sustainable.

Poliplast has kept the lead in terms of technology, investing in high-tech machines, which allow to perform a wide variety of processes, to ensure optimal production process according to the product to be made.


Our history

The company: our tradition future-oriented

Poliplast was established by the three Maduzzi brothers in 1983. The firm, thanks to a constant research and investments in high technology equipments, holds a prominent position among the firms specialist in manufacturing the foam flexible polyurethane and the foam polyethylene with close cell, but it preserves the family features as one of its strong point.

The three partners’ dedication and passion, that allowed Poliplast to become a well-established reality in this sector, have been handed to the second generation who will have to add a piece to what they built.

1983 - Gianni, Giorgio and Stefano Maduzzi

2003 - The 20th anniversary

2016 - The five Maduzzi partners


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