Processed raw materials

Foam flexible polyurethane

The foam flexible polyurethane (commonly known as “sponge” or “foam rubber”) is a synthetic material with cellular structure, that contain a high percentage of air in its volume. From furniture sector to protective or presentation packaging, from sailing to equipments for childhood or medical sector, it is the most used padding thanks to the wide range of sizes and density.

Foam polyethylene with close cell

The foam polyethylene is the most common plastics, is a close cell material, light elastic and waterproof. It can endure very much chemical agents and collisions, so it can be a perfect solution for protection and p Protection and presentation packaging (luxury packaging included). It is also used for sport padding and for building sector.

Padding with natural fibers

The materials with natural fibers are totally without chemical adhesives and polluting additives, so they are a solution 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. They are perfect as heat insulator soundproofing, breathable and insensitive to humidity. These products can be used for pillows, cushions, furniture pudding etc.

Special materials in foam flexible polyurethane

SPECIAL MATERIALS in foam flexible polyurethane can be grouped into three main categories, distinguished by their different thermo regulating features.

Memory Foam

It is a polyurethane viscoelastic foam (called also “at slow memory”) that, thanks to thermo sensitivity gradually loses its shape with body heat and preserves this shape in memory for a few minutes. The comfort is guaranteed because the material can model itself to distribuite the pression evenly, giving support without compression.


Dryfeel® is planned to offer a structure with open cells that allows water and humidity to pass through it. The open cells allows in fact a complete drainage of water so the drying time is considerably reduce and the material preserves all of its features; therefore it is very used for nautic sector.


Foam able to thermo regulate the areas in contact with the body give an ideal microclimate. The clever heath tanks of this material keep its temperature constant and return the heat gradually, so this material is particularly suitable to be used for pillows, mattresses and orthopedic accessories.

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