Areas of Application

Padding for furniture

Shaped pieces in foam flexible polyurethane that can be used in furniture sector for:

  • Home – Chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds and padding for home in general
  • Contract – Chairs for office, hotels, cinemas, theatres, auditorium, public places in general, etc.

For safety sakes, the padding for public places, are made of fireproof materials, in accordance with the main international provisions.

Protection packaging

Protection packaging in foam flexible polyurethane and foam polyethylene with close cell:

They go inside boxes, suitcases, caskets, cases and various containers to protect contents from collisions and external agents during transport and handling.

Exposition packaging

Exposition packaging in foam flexible polyurethane and foam polyethylene with close cell.
This packaging has a containing-protective function but also an expositive purpose, so the attractive component has an essential role.
For this kind of packaging the attention to detail during the choice of materials, colors and manufacturing is very important.
To offer tailored solutions, following the customers’ requirements, we can carry out personalized serigraphies and colorations on to the packaging in polyurethane and polyethylene.

Cubes packaging Pick&Pluck

Pick&Pluck packaging in foam flexible polyurethane and foam polyethylene with close cell.
This kind of packaging is a solution practical, quick and convenient to protect any object. Once you decide what you want to pack, you have only to pull away the superflous sponge cubes that correspond with the shape of the object you want put inside.
Pick&Pluck packaging has an endless possibility of personalization, you have only to chose size and material, then you will create your customized packaging.

Deadening panels

Panel in foam flexible polyurethane, deadening panels with ashlar or pyramidal section, or shake following the customer’s specifications.
We can also:

  • adhesivize the panels for an easy and quick laying
  • reposition the panels by sticking bi adhesive tongues on at the back, so we can stick the panels on, fix, hang and remove them easily without damaging the wall
  • paint the panels to obtain the desired color.

Our deadening panels can be personalized, they are a practical and functional solution also related to design, and suitable for several contexts: bars, restaurant, schools, public and domestic places, etc.

Mattresses and Pillows

Our mattresses and pillows are designed in every detail: from the top of raw materials to the utmost care in all processing phases. So they are a special and unique kind of product, characterized by artisan details. Our mattresses are specifically studied to guarantee the perfect sleeping conditions: excellent comfort, maximum ergonomics, pleasure cushioning, customized support, perfect breathability, total hygiene.

Internal structure: 21 cm of wellness

17 cm of Gaia® which is composed of raw materials coming from renewable sources: water, soy and a mix of healing herb. The layer has an anatomical design, in 7 areas with differentiated lift to gradually distribute the body weight in a uniform and balanced way, so as to minimize the pressure points and offer a high standard of comfort. The criss-cross cut is specifically studied to guarantee the maximum ventilation of the mattresses and the ideal heat regulation of the body.
4 cm of Memory Foam, innovative material that, thanks to its particular features combine breathability, elasticity and comfort, taking the shape of the body, thanks to its heat capacity, avoiding the ditching, that over the time brings unnatural positions during the sleep and can cause back problems.

Cover customizable

4 fabrics (Amicor, Silver, Bioceramic, Lino) and 3 types of lining (Tedesco, 3D, Bordato) to create as many as 12 combinations for your tailored cover mattresses. The covers are all washable and removable thanks to the 4 sides hinge.


Beyond standard measures (80×190 – 160×190 cm) on request we realize special sizes made to measure.

Accessories for physioterapy and rehabilitation

Accessories for physiotherapy and rehabilitation such as mats, headrests and cylindrical, cuneiform, keystone cushions, etc.
For these products we pay attention to the materials we use, to help in user wellbeing, for example Thermofoam, a foam that can thermo regulate the areas in contact with the body, creating an ideal microclimate.

Padding for sailing/outdoors

Padding in Dryfeel®, material with completely open cells, that allow a quick and effective water drainage and assure a high comfort even with extreme humidity.
This material is particularly suitable to make products for outdoors as:

  • interior and exterior cushions for sailing, sundeck airbeds and several accessories for boats
  • imbottiture da giardino
  • padding for garden
  • camping accessories
  • cushions and sundeck airbeds for swimming pools

Accessories for sport, games and spare time

We produce in the foam flexible polyurethane and foam polyethylene with close cell accessories for sport, games and spare time. The variety of materials and manufacturing allows to produce a wide range of different products for schools, gyms, swimming pools, wellness centers, camping, funfairs, etc.

Eco-friendly products

The material of these products is totally natural, made out of vegetal fibers without chemical adhesives and polluting additives, so it is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
This material is also:

  • heat insulator
  • soundproofing
  • breathable
  • insensitive to humidity
  • usable for padding.

We can use it for cushions, pillows, recyclable packaging, etc.