Sound Absorbing Panels

Sound absorbing panels in foam flexible polyurethane with ashlar or pyramidal section or shaped according to customers’ requests.

The flexible polyurethane foam is ideal for sound absorption, thanks to its open cell structure it has the ability to absorb sound energy by reflecting only a small part of it, significantly reducing reverberation times in the environment, thus improving its acoustic comfort.

The reverberation, i.e. the reflection of the sound waves on the walls, makes communication annoying and higher the sound level perceived by the ear, especially in very crowded environments such as restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

Thanks to the application of sound absorbing panels, it is possible to reduce the unpleasant eco-effect and obtain a significant improvement in the well-being sensation perceived in the space.

There is the possibility of

  • Apply the adhesive on one side for an easy and quick installation
  • Paint the panels in the desired color variant to give them not only a functional but also an aesthetic value, thus personalizing the environments in which they are inserted.

POLIPLAST paints the panels with fire-retardant paints, through the spray painting technique, which does not obstruct the porosity of the material and therefore its sound-absorbing capacity.