Protection Packagings

Protection packagings in foam flexible polyurethane and foam polyethylene with close cell:

They go inside cardboard boxes, plastic cases, wooden cases and various containers in general to protect contents from collisions and external agents during transport and handling.

The mobility of goods is continuously growing and with it the need for the goods to arrive intact at destination, thus the way in which they are packed is fundamental so that they are protected from any accidental knocks during storage and shipping.

POLIPLAST thanks to the wide range of materials treated and its design capacity, is able to support the customer in the study and creation of customized packaging solutions.

Hi-tech objects, monitors, biomedical equipment, measuring instruments, components and tools, drones and photographic equipment; the types of packagings that POLIPLAST realize are increasing and evolving day by day. Skills in design, knowledge of materials, precision in the finishes and variety of manufaturings that can be made allow POLIPLAST to meet the needs of a large and varied clientele.