Special materials in foam flexible polyurethane


It is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam, also called “slow memory”, as it is capable of self-modeling thanks to the thermal action of the body, ensuring very high comfort by gradually absorbing and distributing body weight, giving support without compressing.


It is a foam that contains water and raw materials deriving from renewable sources such as soy and a mix of essential oils, so it is at the forefront in terms of “good rest” as it is able to combine breathability, comfort and elasticity.


It has been studied to offer a completely open cell structure that allows water and humidity to pass through it. The open cells in fact allow a complete drainage of the water which significantly reduces drying times, while maintaining all the characteristics of the material, for this reason it is widely used in the boating sector, among other fields of application.


It is obtained from the processing scraps of flexible polyurethane foam: instead of being sent to landfills as waste, the processing waste is granulated and subsequently agglomerated, by pressure, steam and the use of a glue usually also at polyurethane-base. A finished product in blocks is obtained, which can be worked in a similar way to conventional polyurethane foam by cutting, shaping, gluing, adhesive-bonding, etc. Good characteristics in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, high density and processing ductility make it suitable for use in various areas: construction, sports, packaging, zootechnics, ecc.

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