Eco-friendly materials


It is a foam based on water and raw materials deriving from renewable sources such as soy and a mix of essential oils that make it avant-garde in terms of “good relax” as it is able to combine breathability, comfort and elasticity.
GAIA foams can be defined BIO because they are made with raw materials of plant origin such as soy. In this case the Bio-based polyols which derive from the soybean oil can be considered 100% renewable as the soybean plant regenerates in a short time and its plantation produces a positive environmental impact. it absorbs CO2 while growing, which contributes to the reduction of global warming.


RISORSA foams are designed to have a low environmental impact. They are produced with a percentage of bio-based polyols, which are derived from renewable sources, specifically from the soy. They replace partially the raw materials of fossil origin, while maintaining all the characteristics and the comfort of the materials. RISORSA foams have a real product certification that certifies the nature of the material, not only of the polyols that compose them, which allows to confirm they are 22% of plant origin.


It derives from the recycling of polyurethane foam at the end of its life cycle, for example from products such as mattresses, padding of armchairs, sofas, pillows, etc. They come from the waste sorting, which after controlled processes and sanitization certificates are granulated, reduced in flocks and agglomerated again among each other through appropriate glues. From the circular economy point of view it can be produced a second raw material, starting from the polyurethane foam at the end of its life cycle. This is a concret contibution to the concept of sustainability.


They are produced by recycling PET plastics, which are reduced to fibers and bonded together without using glues or resin, but only through the heat (heat-bonded). Later they are compacted into sheets of different thicknesses and densities. The polyester fiber as well as being an excellent insulating and sound-absorbing material, has a pleasant appearance that makes it perfect for packaging as it is an eco-friendly and completely recyclable material.