Exposition Packagings

Exposition packaging in foam flexible polyurethane and foam polyethylene with close cell.
These packagings have a containing-protective function but also an expositive purpose, so the attractive component has an essential role.

POLIPLAST designs and manufactures luxury packaging for perfumes, jewels, furniture and design suits, weapons, footwear, food products, wines and spirits, cigars etc. In addition to high-end packaging, POLIPLAST also produces foam interiors for presentation cases and samples for the furniture, design, and biomedical sectors, etc.
For this type of product, attention to detail in the choice of materials, colors and manufaturings becomes even more relevant. POLIPLAST designs and produces the packaging as if it was a tailored suit, defining shapes and depths that “perfectly embrace” the products.

To offer tailor-made solutions, according to specific customer requests, POLIPLAST is able to realize adhesivisation, couplings with fabrics, combinations of different materials both by type and by color, printing and coloring on packaging both in polyurethane and in polyethylene with availability of customization with the logo and / or colors of the client company.